CBD Direct Solutions Launches New THCA Products: Adios MF Gummies and Adios MF Disposables, Now Available for Purchase

United States, 11th Jul 2024 – As a pioneer in cannabis innovation, CBD Direct Solutions is pleased to announce the launch of two new products, the Adios MF Gummies and Adios MF Disposables, which are all set to revolutionize the cannabis industry. These advancements offer unrivaled premium experiences in the industry, redefining what users can anticipate in terms of power and taste.

Adios MF Gummies

Product Overview

Discover the Adios MF Live Sugar THCA, THCP, Delta-9, and Delta-8 THC gummies. Delta Extrax’s newest THCA Live Sugar lineup introduces the high-potency Adios MOFO gummies. Each unit contains 20 gummies, with each gummy weighing in at an impressive 600mg, totaling a staggering 12,000mg per container. 


Flavors and Effects

CBD Direct Solutions offers a variety of tantalizing flavors in their Adios MF gummy lineup. Tropical Sunburst delivers a tropical blast of mango and citrus, providing a refreshing and exotic taste experience. Every bite of Blue Razz Bombshell delivers a shock of tangy sweetness thanks to an explosion of delicious blue raspberries. Watermelon Pucker promises the sweetness of watermelon combined with the puckering effects of lemonade.  Strawberry Delight provides a mouth-watering blast of sweet-fresh strawberries.


Suggested Usage

The company recommends consuming 1/4 to 1/2 of an Adios MF gummy, depending on individual resilience to THC products. It is important to wait at least 2 hours for the onset of effects before considering additional consumption. Users should exercise caution and use their best judgment, as these gummies can cause intoxication. For safety, keep the gummies secured and out of reach of children or pets. Enjoy the ride and the chillaxed effects responsibly.

Get Adios MF Gummies here.


Adios MF Disposables


Product Overview

The premium cannabis product Adios MF THCA Live Sugar with SmartScreen (7g Disposable) is made for enthusiasts looking for a strong and tasty hit. Seven grams of premium THCA live sugar—a pure and potent cannabis concentrate—are included in this single-use device. Precise dosage control is ensured by the SmartScreen technology, which makes it simple to have a consistent and joyful experience every time.


Flavors and Effects

The flavor profile of Adios MF THCA Live Sugar is rich and varied. The natural terpenes of the cannabis plant are preserved during the extraction process, giving the finished product a varied and colorful flavor profile. A pleasant sensory experience with notes of citrus, earth, and sweetness is what to expect.

Because of the high THCA level in this product, it has strong effects. A potent, euphoric high that promotes both physical and mental relaxation is what users may anticipate. It’s perfect for boosting artistic endeavors or relaxing after a demanding day. Because the effects continue for a long time, it’s a good option for seasoned cannabis users looking for a strong high.


Safety and Quality Assurance

The highest priorities at CBD Direct Solution are quality and safety. Adios MF THCA Live Sugar is put through a comprehensive testing process to make sure its purity and potency match the highest requirements.

Get Adios MF Disposables here.


Commitment to Quality

A spokesman for CBD Direct Solutions, Morgan Koenig, said, “We are committed to pioneering products that push the boundaries of what cannabis can offer.” “These recent releases demonstrate our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer happiness. We are eager to introduce them to the market and are sure they will set new benchmarks for the sector.”



The Adios MF THCA Live Sugar Disposables and the Adios Extrax Live Resin Gummies are available online at the official website of CBD Direct Solutions. With limited stock due to high demand, customers are encouraged to act quickly to experience the cutting-edge of cannabis technology.

For more details, visit https://cbddirectsolution.com.

For updates, visit

Twitter @CBDDirectSol

and Instagram @cbddirectsolution



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